Caring for the carers – with Acupuncture

Caring for the carers – with Acupuncture

Today January 30th is young Carers Awareness Day raising the awareness of challenges faced by young carers. Caring for another at home, community or in and out of hospital has many challenges especially if you are young.

In my practice I treat many pateints in my practice who are caring in many different situations, parents, partners, sibling, and many close to them.

It can be stressful, draining, daunting, overwhelming and emotionally charged. Therefore very important to care for yourself, so you have the capacity to care for your loved ones in their time of need. So often as caring human beings we are so concerned about the wellbeing of the person we are caring about, that we forget about ourselves.

This can happen at many stages of life, when you have children, you are a child yourself caring for a parent, your parents become ill, elderly or infirm, or your partner becomes ill. These can be short term situations or ongoing life challenges that we need to take ongoing extra care of ourselves.

So don’t forget yourself in life’s challenges come and receive some care yourself, to be able to cope with what lays ahead.

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