Bladder and Kidney and Acupuncture

Bladder and Kidney and Acupuncture

The Organs or associations of the Water Element, the element of Winter are the Kidney and Bladder

Kidney (Yin Organ)

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture teaches that the Kidneys (called the Storehouse of the Vital Essence) operate like a pilot light that can spark light within the entire body, mind, and spirit. Kidney vital energy (Qi) gives vitality your system and separates the pure aspects of Water from the impure. The contaminated parts of Water are transported to the Bladder for storage and elimination, while the pure parts are transformed into a mist, which is circulated freely throughout the body. This action sends warmth and energy to every cell in the body. The Kidney Fire provides the driving energy and resolute will power needed to overcome obstacles and press forward to accomplish our goals in life.

The Kidney Qi starts life, this is why many couples have difficulty conceiving because the (Qi) is low in their Kidneys because they are run down with the stresses of modern life.

The Kidneys also have a vital yin, or cooling and lubricating, function that assures that all the structures within the body and mind are lubricated. This process keeps the body and mind flexible and prevents excessive friction from building up.

In Western medicine we know that the kidneys regulate water metabolism and stabilize the heart and blood pressure. In Traditional Five Element acupuncture, the Kidney Qi is also said to be responsible for healthy teeth, bones, and bone marrow. The ancient Chinese medical scholars considered the brain and spinal cord to be extensions of the bone marrow, the Kidney is thought to rule over the skeletal structure and function and, consequently, over intelligence, reason, perception, and memory.

 Bladder (Yang Organ)

The second organ associated with Water is the Urinary Bladder, which Western medicine describes as a hollow container with muscular walls, joined to the kidney by the ureters and to the body’s exterior by the urethra. Every few seconds, urine is passed from the kidneys to the bladder, where it is stored until it is eliminated through urination.

In Traditional Five Element Acupuncture the Bladder is compared to a reservoir where the waters of the body collect. In The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, (an ancient medical Chinese text) explains that ;- “The bladder is where the water converges and where, after being catalysed by Qi it is eliminated.” When the bladder is not functioning properly, the entire system is in danger of bogging down and filling up with toxic wastes. Depression, fatigue, difficulty adapting to new circumstances, or a general sense of foreboding are considered symptoms of an imbalance in this organ.

Modern, stress and illness can deplete our reserves from our kidneys and bladder, Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can be used to revitalise the organ functions and abilities, with advice about  attention to diet, exercise, and meditation can help restore its healthy function and balance.

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