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Acupuncture for Difficult Times – Feeling Stuck

Acupuncture for Difficult Times – Feeling Stuck

In my practice it gives me great pleasure to help my patients through difficult times. Often a patient will come for treatment with symptoms be it trigeminal neuralgia, endometriosis, anxiety or situations of grief, divorce, house move or job changes.

In my time of practice I have seen Five Element Acupuncture and my interaction with my patients help them change how a they feel physically emotionally and spiritually. We are all affected in different ways by situations. Many people do have their weak point, for example anxiety can increase to a extreme after a relationship break up and a highly stressful job, I have seen the anxiety fade the confidence grow and my patient move forward in life meeting a new partner and finding a new satisfying job and a new way to live.

Another patient who has been plagued by her x -husband, giving up her job due to high stress levels, having horrible trigeminal neuralgia (nerve pain in the face)  as a result which was ruling her life, she now has very little pain, nearly off all her pain medication,has found a new job and found the strength to deal with the x situation.

Many of these situations involve relationships. Another patient made a great move to change her life after a horrible marriage, her endometriosis was very bad, she is now so much better she is happier, free and planning her future.

I have treated many patients in crossroads in their life and seen great changes to help them move forward.

Many physical conditions can be made worse by life situations causing long term stress and anxiety, often they slowly creep up on you until they overpower your life.

Traditional Five element Acupuncture can help you rest your life help you feel more physically and emotionally well to face the world again.

To get you more strength emaitionally,physically and spitiually treatemnt eith five element Acupuncture can be so much help, contact Hannah on ;-

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