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Acupuncture, Autumn and Grief

Acupuncture, Autumn and Grief

We’ve entered into Autumn the Metal Element season in the Five Element Acupuncture tradition, the emotion connected to Autumn is grief which comes up more naturally in our daily lives as we watch  the last flares of summer shoot out in brilliant burnt oranges and vivid, translucent yellows and are collected by the ground to turn them to earth. A time of beauty, and a time of loss. We see this transition happen right before our eyes each year, but we still deny it.

Those whose personality type or guardian element of Metal can feel grief more acutely than others.

Grief is a particularly difficult emotion to process, it encompasses many emotions – shock, denial, pain, guilt, anger, depression, reflection, loneliness, sadness, longing, then to reconstruction to acceptance and hope – though this may be a long journey.

Grief is the response to a broken bond of belonging. Whether through the loss of a loved one, a way of life, or a cherished community, grief is the reaction to being torn from what you love.

There is fear around showing our grief to the world, as it is a direct route to our heart and we don’t like being vulnerable.

When a feeling is stuck can be released through grief, we are freeing up a greater capacity to love. Only through releasing can we move forward.

Use the power of the Autumn season and take some time to reflect on your year, process and let go of what’s no longer serving you, grieve its loss, and bring your focus inward for new depths of understanding. We are rewarded with more focus and clarity when we realise grief allowing it to fall like the Autumn leaves. Letting go brings up grief, and it’s work to allow yourself to feel it and integrate it.  

Where ever you are in a grieving process, if it is the change of season, the loss of a loved one, or loves you’ve lost, a child leaving home, abilities vanishing through illness or age, the paths you didn’t walk, the family you never had, the suffering of the planet, greif hits in many ways.

Let Traditional Five Element Acupuncture help you move through or with your grief.

To find how you can move forward and without forgetting and forgiving. Contact Hannah on ;-

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