2nd Trimester of Pregnancy and Acupuncture

2nd Trimester of Pregnancy and Acupuncture

A Chinese gynaecologist around AD 493-572 believed that the mother’s emotions, lifestyle habits and diet could directly affect her growing foetus. From the fourth month onward, the foetus systematically received each of the Five Elements –water, fire, metal, wood and earth–which emphasises the fundamental belief within Five Element acupuncture of our intricate connection to the natural world.

The 2nd Trimester of pregnancy may well be the trimester in which a woman feels most healthy; it is often in these weeks that she will be referred to by friends and family as blooming. It is not easy to attribute the discomforts of pregnancy to specific trimesters as they may well overlap, but I will look at the discomforts that women most commonly complain of in weeks fourteen to twenty-seven.

Traditional Five element Acupuncture can help many situations within 2nd trimester of pregnancy such as;-

Heartburn is a common problem which often starts in this second trimester and may range from a mild annoyance to quite severe discomfort.

Given the increasing weight of the growing baby, changes in the mother’s centre of gravity which alters posture and the loosening effects that progesterone and relaxin have on the ligaments of the body, it is hardly surprising that most pregnant women experience musculoskeletal discomfort at some stage of pregnancy. This may affect the ribs, back, pelvis or hips and it may range from a dull discomfort through to the more severe type of pain which can be experienced with sciatica.

Insomnia can occur at any stage in pregnancy, but often in this second trimester it can become more prevalent as moving about in bed starts to become a little less easy, and there is increasing pressure on the bladder.

My pregnant ladies are all now into their 2nd trimester, a time many feel a relief and reduced anxiety for getting past the 3 month marker, they feel free to share their pregnancy with more people, outside family.

Nausea has practically gone for one lady and glad to eat again but of course with this stage of pregnancy small and often meals are needed as there is less space!

My lady who has had IVF feels so much less anxious and able to enjoy her pregnancy so lovely and exciting.

My lady with high blood pressure and polycystic ovary syndrome ha good care in place for her blood pressure along side the acupuncture and less hormonal problems that she usually gets with PCOS.

I love to support women though pregnancy and beyond as such special care and attention is needed and I have the time and skills to give this.

For more information about acupuncture with infertility, pregnancy care and postnatal care contact Hannah on :- https://www.southwellacupuncture.co.uk/contact/

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