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Five Element Acupuncture – Late Summer – Earth

Five Element Acupuncture – Late Summer – Earth

In Traditional Five Element Acupuncture Earth associated with Late Summer, a time of harvest and abundance. Maybe, the time to consider placing into storage those surplus fruits, and to celebrate our achievements which are sometimes thought of as egotistical or selfish. A time to put yourself in the centre – the Earth Element is centre – central to life. Late Summer evenings, a time when we can enjoy the strong Yang of Summer, which is beginning to surrender to the more gentle warmth of Late Summer.

Linked to the Earth Element are the organs or function of the Stomach and Spleen. In the Chinese tradition of Five Element Acupuncture perspective both are recognised as Organs within the Body, that carry out a function from both a Western and Chinese perspective. They are also referred to as Officials and given titles that reflect their energetic Mind/Body/Spirit duties from a Chinese perspective.

Continuing with the idea of digestion; the Chinese believe that we don’t just digest food and drink. The Earth Element’s power is to receive and give out, to receive the seed/sperm and to yield, give birth, to grow, to provide a harvest which sustains life and through the ability to transform and transport food and emotions. We also consider the power of the Earth Element with regard to thinking, to empathise and understand with the other end of the scale being to be a passive receptive empty vessel, and to provide dynamic growth when required.

Qualities of the Earth Element

•    The Relationship of Earth to the concept of Centre

•    The Relationship of Mother to the Earth Element

•    Learning to say No

•    The importance of Home to Earth Element

•    The importance of Routine to the Earth Element

•    The processes of Digestion with regard to the Earth Element

We have all the Five Elements within us though one is more dominant – our causative factor or guardian element which makes us who we are and how we respond to the world.

You may see some of these qualities in yourself in or out of balance treatment with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can help these. For more information contact Hannah on;-

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