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British Acupuncture Council Conference 2019

British Acupuncture Council Conference 2019

Last weekend I travelled as, I do most years to my professional organisation the British Acupuncture Council Conference. Great lectures, contacts and catching up with freinds.

The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) has a membership of around 3,000 professionally qualified acupuncturists. It is the UK’s largest professional/ self-regulatory body for the practice of traditional acupuncture. 

The subject was the Extraordinary Meridians, and there were many international speakers there two of which I went to lectures by;- 

Dr David Hartmann is a Chinese medicine practitioner living in Brisbane, Australia. He lectures to degree level at Endeavour College of Natural Health.A keen researcher and writer, he has a new textbook being published in August 2019 by Singing Dragon: The Principles and Practical Application of Acupuncture Point Combinations. He is also the author of Acupoint Dictionary 2e, published by Elsevier Churchill Livingstone in 2009.

The eight extraordinary vessels are a fascinating part of Chinese medicine and treatment. They were first mentioned in the Spiritual Pivot which was written over 2,000 years ago. Since then they have been discussed only sporadically, that is until recently with an explosion of new content on the eight extraordinary vessels.

Hamid David Montakab MDaGemeinsam mit seiner Frau Solng graduated from the Medical School of Paris, did his residency in surgery and completed a three-year education in acupuncture and further clinical training in China, followed by two years in exploring the local healing in the Philippines and India. He practised for five years in America, obtaining the NCCA certification and a degree in Chinese herbalism. He founded the Academy of Chinese Healing Arts in Switzerland in 1986.

The extraordinary vessels carry out the unfolding of jing (essence) from the first moment of conception,and coordinate the various life stages and transformations according to the deposited ‘ming’ (life mandate). Hence the extraordinary vessels play a crucial role in the psychospiritual evolution of the individual, as well as in their physical conditions.

The extraordinary vessels are responsible for the coordination of the various life stages of the person, their psychospiritual evolution as well as in their physical conditions.

The head, as the residence of shen and the seat of nao (brain), is intimately connected to the extraordinary vessels, hence the important role of these vessels in the equilibrium of the ‘energetics’ of the head.

The head is also the seat of seven of the nine portals and the five sensory organs through which the individual communicates with the outer world. Therefore the extraordinary vessels play a crucial role in the sensory and mental functions, the equilibrium of the brain ‘sea of marrow’ and of sleep and wake cycles.

The Eight Extraordinary Meridians have specific attributes and properties that distinguish them from the Twelve Regular Meridians.

12 standard meridians

The Yin meridians of the arm are Lung, Heart, and Pericardium. The Yang meridians of the arm are Large Intestine, Small Intestine, and Triple Burner. The Yin Meridians of the leg are Spleen, Kidney, and Liver. The Yang meridians of the leg are Stomach, Bladder, and Gall Bladder

A meridian is an ‘energy highway’ for your Qi in the human body. Meridians can be mapped throughout the body; they flow within the body and not on the surface, meridians exist in corresponding pairs and each meridian has many acupuncture points along its path.

If this sounds very complicated it is because it is! Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is much more than just sticking needles in! it is a complex  ancient medicine, which takes many years to learn – to start with 3 years training about 3000 hours and as a practitioner you never stop learning, which what makes treating with Five Element Acupuncture so amazing.

For more information about and treatment of Traditional Five Element Acupuncture contact Hannah on ;-

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