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Summer Anxiety and Acupuncture

Summer Anxiety and Acupuncture

In the tradition of Five Element Acupuncture summer is the Fire Element the time of maturation. After the pushing, intense growth of new life in spring, we start to see some of that effort come to fruition. In nature, we see flowers bloom and fruit begin to ripen. We also feel the focused push of spring subside into a more gentle playfulness.

Connection, community, and belonging are the strengths of the Fire Element which is at its highest energy the most Yang, in the summer season. We socialize more, joy and laughter come more easily, and the warmth of the sun enlivens us.

If the Fire Element burns too brightly it can quickly turn to frantic, anxious energy, unable to connect with anything else and wild in its actions. A forest fire is a perfect example of the chaos of summer energy if the fire element gets out of balance.

If you’re feeling burned up, burned out, and anxious, take a few days to really slow down and reprioritize. Too many fun things on the calendar can still be overwhelming.

Find what really matters. What really connects you to others and yourself in a meaningful way and allow those areas of your life to blossom and mature.

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