Acupuncture and Burnout

Acupuncture and Burnout

‘’That’s it I can’t go on.  I’m angry, tired and cannot sleep. My sides ache, I fantasize about running away, leaving it all behind.  Hate meeting new people and the only way I can relax is with at least half a bottle of wine.  I need plenty of coffee to wake up and don’t feel hungry at mealtimes but I do love a bag of crisps down the pub, or eat junk food on the way home. I need to help my parents with their care and the kids need help with their homework and taking all over. My desk at work is a mess, I don’t know what is going on with my personal finances and the best thing to do is take my credit card out for some retail therapy.  I’ve loads of unpaid parking fines I’ve lost track of my finances and I can’t speak to my family about it…” 

These can be signs of a person suffering from stress and is well on the way to burnout.

If emotions and desires are constantly suppressed, we are continually blocking the natural urge to take action and a feeling of terrible pressure builds up inside us.  Our energy (Qi)  stops circulating and we feel blocked and stuck.  This is a very common stress pattern. 

Emotional Symptoms can be mood swings, feeling of depression or self-loathing.  Low self-esteem, anger, obsessive and recurrent thoughts, crying,  apathy.  Often feel better for exercise, but can’t be bothered, craves – alcohol, coffee, sugar, and stimulants. Feelings of highs and lows.

Physical Symptoms can be bloated sometimes painful, uncomfortable digestion, loose stools or constipation, headaches, shortness of breath,  tight chest, headaches, back, shoulder, neck pain, extreme tiredness, problems with periods, PMS, and menopause. Also can have an effect on the immune system causing colds, infections, and flu.

Burnout can be caused by home and/or work situation, very often a combination of both, being pulled in so many directions

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture helps deal with each individual’s situation, as we all respond to life situations differently. Treating to unblock the stagnant Qi, balancing and calming emotions to allow change into our lives.

In life, there are many situations we can change and those that we cannot we can approach differently. This is easy to say and difficult to do. There is wisdom in acceptance and it takes great courage to make certain changes. However when supported with something as powerful as Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and guided by your own clarity these things are not so difficult.  We have one chance at this life and it is a terrible waste to let it slip by unhappily and unproductively.

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