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50 years since the Moon landing – How the Moon Affects us

50 years since the Moon landing – How the Moon Affects us

Fifty Years ago we landed on the moon as a human race. Do we need to occupy the Moon or just respect what it does for us and our planet?

The phases of the Moon affects us all if you realise it or not. Moon is more than day and night, it controls the tides the rhythm of life for men as well as women. Women’s menstrual cycles are related to the Moon. We cannot exist without the beautiful Moon.

The lunar cycle harnesses the energy of the moon. There is life-changing power of a new or a full moon, the moon wax’s and wan’s having a powerful influence on all living organisms.

New Moon’s mark the beginning of a new cycle and are the perfect time to start off any new project, idea or start looking after yourself and those around you more.

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture respects the cycles of the seasons and the Moon, creating the balance within ourselves, in our Qi and what outside influences do to our well being – the balance is what is needed.

To find your balance with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture contact Hannah;-

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