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Boost your chances of conception

Boost your chances of conception

Boost your chances of conception through dietary changes, holistic lifestyle advice, and complementary therapies, says fertility guru Zita West Article in Natural Health Magazine – some great and useful advice.
No matter what stage of your life you are at, or what your circumstances, you really can plan to get pregnant. So much of your reproductive health is within your control, from improving your diet to revitalising your sex life and dealing with life’s emotional stresses. For many busy couples, life is permeated with stress. Their bodies are on high alert most of the time, and this is coupled with poor eating habits, long working hours and lack of sleep. The great thing about the body, however, is that it is always trying to regain its natural balance and by taking simple measures you can go along way towards helping your body to restore its equilibrium. Here are some to the most important steps you can take

Get plenty of sleep

Our immune system and hormone secretion is affected by sleep which can lead to menstrual irregularity, making it harder to conceive. Try to avoid caffeinated drinks or eating less than two hours before you go to bed.

It takes two

Think about your partner’s sperm, and lifestyle factors that may be affecting it, – alcohol, recreational drugs, cigarettes and stress. It’s a good idea to arrange a sperm test so that if there are any problems you can sort them out.

Check yourself out

Have you had an up to date smear test? Do you know whether you are rubella-immune or not? Has your mother had early menopause? Undetected sexual infections (in both partners) have a huge impact on fertility so you should have a screen. Undetected sexual infections impact fertility hugely.

Think about your age

If you are in your thirties and want two children you need to start trying immediately and not wait until the ‘right’ time – there is never a right time and your fertility decreases beyond the age of 35. Your partner’s fertility may also be affected by age.

Complementary therapies

I believe some therapies can be beneficial to people who are trying to conceive. Acupuncture can re-establish balance in a woman’s body and enhance her fertility. It also has positive effects on gynecological problems such as endometriosis and PCOS. Be sure to seek out a registered practitioner – British Acupuncture Council on or contact hannah on ;-

Sex and passion You need to be having sex three to four times a week. Many couples lose spontaneity and passion when they are trying for a baby, so don’t tell your man everything about every

intimate detail in your body – keep some mystique there. Remember also that lubricants may block sperm so try not to use these if at all possible.

Know your own cycle

It’s fine to use predictor kits in conjunction with really knowing what’s going on in your cycle.Remember many over-the-counter prescriptions such asa ntihistamines and large doses of vitamin C may effect the quantity and quality of your eggs.

Eating to conceive

Remember when you get pregnant your baby relies on your nutritional reserves that you build up. If you are drinking heavily, smoking and are stressed and surviving on takeaways or ready meals you will be depleting your body of vital nutrients needed for the early development of your baby. If you can be good 80 per cent of the time you should be fine. Take a folic acid supplement and also DHA (found in oily fish) and avoid too much caffeine,additives, artificial sweeteners and processed food.

What contraception have you been using?

Remember if you are coming off the pill you should try as soon as you come off as you are more fertile in the first few months following.

The mind-body link

Raised levels of stress hormones can interfere with the immune system, hormonal balance and as a result fertility. When you are trying for a baby it’s vital to find ways to relax so consider techniques such as positive visualisation, meditation,deep breathing and yoga to help you.


Take this questionnaire to see if there are any areas of your life that you could improve on

  • Do you drink more than five units of alcohol a week? Do you drink most of your unit quota in just one or two nights?
  • Do you or your partner take recreational drugs?
  • Do you or your partner smoke?
  • Do you cook a proper meal less than three times a week?
  • Do you crave sugary foods on a daily basis?
  • Do you often find it hard to fall asleep or to get back to sleep if you wake in the night?
  • Do you regularly sleep less than seven hours a night?
  • Do you exercise less than three times a week?
  • Do you work long hours (more than 50 hours a week)?
  • Do you worry about your finances?
  • Do you have little time to see your friends and family?

Your Score

0 to 3 – You have a reasonably balanced lifestyle

4 to 6 – Your lifestyle is probably affecting your fertility

7 to 9 – Your life is out of balance and you need to start making improvements

10 to 12 –Your health and fertility are almost certainly affected by your lifestyle.

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