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Acupuncture in Early Pregnancy

Acupuncture in Early Pregnancy

Acupuncture is safe in pregnancy only if the person performing the treatment is trained in traditional acupuncture, there are points that induce labor so these are not needed and not done.

Early pregnancy can be challenging, you may feel completely exhausted, nauseated or/ and vomiting and you have to keep it all a secret, trying to work and carry on as normal when you are exploding inside! And you generally don’t see the midwife until you are 8 weeks.

So a good time to visit your acupuncturist if not at least for that listening and understanding ear. All women need support in early pregnancy, traditional five element acupuncture is an excellent way to ease the exhaustion nausea and sickness and often fear and isolation you may have.

Presently I am treating four patients in various stages of early pregnancy, with challenges of vomiting, nausea, fear, high blood pressure all needing support in different ways as we are all different.

Patient one is on her second pregnancy knowing this would be difficult as she vomited for 16 weeks previously! She has improved to a degree still some vomiting and some food and getting a bit more energy to get through.

Patient two young and in first pregnancy terrible vomiting would wake at 3 am and vomit, and totally exhausted, she is no longer vomiting, and more energy.

Patient three has polycystic ovaries (PCOS) and has been trying for years to get pregnant happily, with the help of acupuncture she has, though suffering from high blood pressure she has to take care – so supporting with acupuncture and encouraging her with her early medical intervention.

Patient four after trying IVF on many occasions has succeeded in finding her way into early pregnancy with fear and trepidation she goes through the process of tests. Acupuncture has supported her physically and emotionally through the process to get to this point and beyond.

Treating patients in preparation, during and after pregnancy is one of the most rewarding parts of my work, so lovely to see the joy and help my patients through their struggles to find new life.

It is always worth starting acupuncture treatment to prepare you for conception and all through pregnancy and post-natal time

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