From July 4th 2020 The British Acupuncture Council have given accredited members permission to start Careful Practice. Treatment is undertaken with PPE and disinfecting the clinic between patients. This means I can see all my patients with assessment of their needs, so will be glad to welcome my patients back and I will look after you with great care

- Acupuncture and Private Health Insurance

Acupuncture and Private Health Insurance

Recent good news from the British Acupuncture Council that there is more availability for help with costs for acupuncture from your Private Health Insurers.

‘Just recently it’s been brought to our attention that AXA and PPP are now covering payments for British Acupuncture Council Members (MBAcC), for up to £60 per session.’ BAcC

‘Patients are required to pay up front for their treatment before claiming back the cost by submitting a receipt from their practitioner.’ BAcC

It is worthwhile checking out whether your plan covers acupuncture remember to look for BAcC – Member of British Acupuncture Council this means you are getting a traditionally trained acupuncturist who has done over 3000 hours training. This means you will be treated for your whole person not compartmentalized.

Private insurance does cover other organizations though they are not traditionally trained in acupuncture, a western medicine training however good does not go into the complexities of traditional acupuncture.     

Traditional acupuncturists realise that we are all connected from head to toe and mind to body and spirit. You can come and get acupuncture treatment for as many conditions you have as you like as it is about you as a person not just your conditions.

For treatment and information contact Hannah on;- https://www.southwellacupuncture.co.uk/contact/

For information check, you’re your insurance company (remember BAcC) and you can check out companies on the BACC site;- https://www.acupuncture.org.uk/public-content/access-to-treatment/179-private-health-insurers.html

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