Baby Colic and Acupuncture

Baby Colic and Acupuncture

Your baby is crying inconsolably they could be suffering from colic. Do you – cuddle it, massage it, give medication, or stick needles into it? Colic affects about 20%  of babies when it does not need to as acupuncture and acupressure can help.

Colic starts in the first weeks of life and is usually over by three to four months. Babies are otherwise perfectly fine but cry in the early evening, and can yell for hours. This can be a very stressful time for parents.

The possible causes can be;-

the mother’s diet during breastfeeding-  dairy produces especially and maybe the baby formula being derived from cows milk could be part of the problem

Cigarette smoke

Baby gulping too much air during feeding

inadequate burping

Parental stress

Overstimulating babies is possible

Super-sensitive pain signals and abnormal muscle contraction in the wall of the baby’s gut are the possible mechanisms that trigger the pain and crying.

Both parent and child would benefit from traditional five element acupuncture. Both can feel calmer with acupuncture easing pain and cramping for baby and stress for the parent. Also teaching acupressure techniques and assessing what baby and Mum if breastfeeding eating and the living atmosphere. When treating with acupuncture every situation is diagnosed differently and holistically to give the treatment that will help.

Parenting in the early years can be daunting, scary and lonely – don’t let it be. Come along and be cared for with traditional five element acupuncture.

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