Acupuncture Needles and Energy

Acupuncture Needles and Energy

Often when I say I am an acupuncturist people say ahh… needles, many peoples experiences of needles are quite negative – having blood taken or when in an uncontrollable or stressful situation. 

I am here to put your mind at rest – acupuncture needles do not fall into this category. You will not be traumatised when seeing or feeling an acupuncture needle.They are fine, the width of a few hairs, very flexible, impossible to break and solid – nothing injected with them! The first needles were made over 2000 years ago were sharped bamboo or stone, later iron used – still a bit thick. Today’s needles are made of stainless steel silver and some gold. The needles I use have coiled handle that lead into the very fine shaft to the point, they are sharp sterile and single use. Acupuncture needles come in different lengths and widths depending on requirements and acupuncture treatment style. 

What do the needles do? They stimulate the body, mind and spirits healing system. Within every person, there is a system of channels (meridians) which energy(Qi) flies in, rather like rivers and seas. The Qi needs to flow evenly for the body, mind and spirit to function well. The acupuncturists skill know where to place these needles to enhance the flow of Qi and induce wellbeing. 

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