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Acupuncture History Taking

Acupuncture History Taking

Acupuncture – Traditional Diagnosis

Treating a patient with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is based on a diagnosis which assesses how your whole system operates throughout the Body, Mind and Spirit – this is called the Traditional Diagnosis.

The first time you come to have Traditional Five Element Acupuncture your acupuncturist  will obtain your Traditional Diagnosis. You will be asked about your physical emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. This may sound daunting but your acupuncturist will guide you through.

Questions asked are your home, family and relationships and any affect this has on your wellbeing. Your age and occupation. About what is your main complaint or complaints and how these can affect you, any other illness or stresses  that affect you. A insight into your past health history conditions, operations  and events that are relevant to your whole wellbeing. You will be asked about your body functions digestion, eating habits and appetite, your fluid intake, smoking, alcohol  consumption, sleeping patterns, periods and/or menopause, pregnancies and births and  perspiration. This is to determine the balance or imbalance of each individuals energy – Qi.

You will also be asked what medications and supplements or any other no prescription remedies you take and any other treatment you are having.

There will also be a physical examination and taking of the Chinese Pulses – these are six pulses in each wrist that sit on top of your blood pulse telling your acupuncturist how your Qi is through out your system.

Each person has what we call the Causative Factor or Gaudian Element, which is each person’s strength and weakness, we have all the elements within us though one is more prominent . These are the Five Elements – Five, Earth ,Metal, Water and Wood.

The choice of treatment is made individually as a person rather than symptoms presented. Also because of the different and opposing functions of each element everyone has their way of being and expressing themselves and the effect that it has on their health and wellbeing.

Though treatment your causative factor is strengthened and your health improves in many different ways, each time you come to treatment your acupuncturist assesses what you need that day, depending how you present , what season it is and what is seen, heard and felt. Our acupuncturist thoroughly assess your Qi each time to ensure continuous care of your wellbeing.

‘The way Traditional Five Element Acupuncture is practiced is nothing like how I learned western medicine as a nurse,  I love what I do because I treat each person as a whole and have time to care for their needs. I consider it a privilege to do the work I do.’

Come and be cared for at Southwell Acupuncture Clinic with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture contact Hannah on :-

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