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May Day – Seasons and Acupuncture

May Day – Seasons and Acupuncture

Happy May Day

The celebration of May Day dates back to ancient times, when Romans celebrated the festival of Flora, the goddess of flowers and spring. In Britain, Celtic people celebrated the festival of Beltane on the first of May to mark the halfway point between spring and summer.

Many of the old customs celebrating new life and fertility survive to this day, including Morris dancing and dancing around the maypole.

May is a time when summer is on its way and a beautiful fertile time in nature and maybe in you too.

Enjoy this lovely first day of May and think about how you can care for yourself in accordance with nature. Traditional five element acupuncture a lines itself with nature with the treatment of each element relating to seasons and the changes that occur in your body, mind, and spirit. We are in the time of wood a time of optimism and new growth, a good time to make new plans and grow within yourself.

For more information about how traditional five element acupuncture can help you keep healthy with the seasons to contact Hannah on :-

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