Acupuncture Spring Wood

Acupuncture Spring Wood

The Wood Element is a powerful energetic presence and represents the transition between the resignation of Winter when the Yin is surrendering to the birth of Spring and the beginning of Yang, the time of rising yang energy, creativity and birth.

The spring is the time when we look forward to the coming year with optimism and excitement, or rather we should if our Wood Element is in balance. This season is all about fresh starts and new things bursting into existence, it is seen in the plants and the trees around us and the wildlife coming to life after the long sleep of winter. We should be starting to make plans for the future now, putting to rest memories from the past and looking forward with optimism.

The gift of this season is the optimism and chance to look to the future. It brings us an opportunity to start again. Obviously, this only works if we are in balance, as if we are suffering from an imbalance during this season we will find it very hard to plan or look forward; we will have no energy, no drive and no ambition. If we have no vigour then we can become depressed and anxious, these are all signs that help is needed. Like a tree, we must be able to bend and be flexible, adapting to things that may come our way. We must stay strong and rooted, but supple enough to give a little, should the need arise.

The Wood Element will show itself as someone who is well motivated and organised, someone who is a scrupulous planner; perhaps they might be self-employed or a director of a company, a person used to having things mapped out ahead of them. They are people who like to be pushed and their abilities tested and stretched. A Wood Element will be totally dedicated to anything that he or she pursues. This may be to do with work or the family; it can be taken literally to the point where that person would lay down their life for that cause.

The spring is a time for inspiration when things look more positive than perhaps at any other time of the year, this is the time when we can achieve and get things done – this is the time for New Year resolutions!

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