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Acupuncture and The Kidneys and Bladder

Acupuncture and The Kidneys and Bladder

The Kidneys and Bladder – of the Water Element 

The Kidney is known as the controller of the waterways. This, however, may be a little misleading as the Kidney does far more. Ancient Chinese philosophy believed that the Kidney Official was the storehouse for ancestral energy that was passed on to each generation; it was the seed of life that was passed on.

The kidney takes some of the Qi energy from our intake of food and air and compiles it as a reserve. This supply can be called upon when we have heavy physical or mental tasks to cope with. A part of the Kidney is responsible for warming the essence of the Kidney, it’s also a very important as it’s a warmer for all of the bodies organs.

The Essence that we have mentioned is the Kidney Jing. This is derived from both Pre- and Post-Heaven essence. The pre-Heavenly essence is inherited from our parents at conception. It can be gradually depleted throughout our lifetimes unless it’s conserved well. The post-Heavenly essence is taken from food and nourishment and can be replenished.

The function of Kidney Jing in our bodies is to do with the basis of growth and development, problems can result in stunted growth or retardation and bone and teeth problems. Kidney Jing is also the basis of our constitutional strength and the production of bone marrow, which fills the brain and the spinal cord. The pathology of someone with deficient Kidney Jing will be that of someone who’s always weak and prone to constant infections.

The Bladder is known as the controller of the municipal waterways and is the reservoir of the Body, Mind and Spirit. It’s the reserve that we draw from in the winter when things are running low. If there is no reserve to draw from then things can start to go wrong in Body, Mind and Spirit.

As well as being a reservoir the Bladder is also charged with disposing of the impurities found in our urine; if these are left to build up and not disposed of, this can eventually pollute our whole being. The bladder has an effect on every organ of the Body Mind and Spirit – important to care for. 

If the Bladder is out of balance it may not be able to keep its fluids in its boundaries. This may manifest as incontinence and cystitis type infections. It is the longest meridian on the body with sixty-seven points. 

In the treatment of Traditional Five Element Acupuncture, if your Qi imbalance is in your water element your practitioner will choose specific acupuncture points to bring the Water Element into balance.

Suggestions for balance during winter include eating warming foods, getting lots of sleep and rest. This is a time for storing energy, great for meditation and quiet time, ready to meet the spring.

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