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Acupuncture and the Water Element

Acupuncture and the Water Element

Five Element Acupuncture - The Water Element

Water is linked to winter, the time of maximum Yin.

The type of character that Water Element can be, a rebel image conjures up the type of person that does not want to stay in one place for too long and is always looking to move on, someone who does not conform and stands out from the crowd. Or living with the fear of what each moment can bring, can be overcautious and obsessive, stagnant.

If you can call it a gift then it would be that a Water Element is a Free Spirit, any obstacle that confronts them is easily worked around and no container would be able to hold them for too long. These are all characteristics of Water, a stream that works its way around obstacles and boulders in its way, and also Water cannot be contained for long before it finds some way to escape. 

The emotion associated with the water element is that of fear or lack of fear. Water can be a person who is full of fear which can control their life to an extent of isolation, or fearless like an uncontrolled river pushing through relentlessly.  

A balanced Water person is persistent. Not easily give up ideals or plans, but work slowly and steadily at an obstacle wearing away the resistance.

“Water itself is naturally elusive and resists definition. It can hold any shape, and yet cannot itself be grasped and held once and for all. It appears to have boundaries, and yet will find a passage around any dam or obstruction wherever it can.”
JR Worsley

For traditional five element acupuncture treatment in in this Yin season of winter contact Hannah ;-

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