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Acupuncture and Winter Solstice

Acupuncture and Winter Solstice

Acupuncture and Winter Solstice

Winter solstice December 21st,the day with the least amount of sunlight and most amount of darknesswhen the day is shortest and the night is longest. At noon, the sun appears at its lowest altitude above the horizon. Considered the deepest part of winter.

From the point of view of traditional five element acupuncture, this is yin of yin, the peak of the yin energy of the whole year. The time of the water element – the Kidneys and the Bladder, both organs that hold and distribute this essential energy throughout the body.

Winter according to traditional five element acupunctureis a time to conserve our essential energies (Qi) in preparation to have a healthy spring and summer. In order to conserve this essential energy we must:
1. Find time to rest
2 Reflect or meditate
3.Feed ourselves – eating nutritious foods like root vegetables, warm soups, warming foods, to nourish our Yin Qi. 

I encourage you, amidst the busyness of Christmas time, to take some time to be quiet and still. Allow yourself to “hibernate” and be in winter. This can be challenging when many demards of family are forced on you, try to make healthy choices for ‘your’ Qi. Try not to overindulge just eat what you need, stop when full! Save treats to eat slowly and savour. 

The condensing and storing of our energies during this time of year have a great impact upon us especially when the yang rises into spring and summer.

Part of my Christmas time off will be a meditation and yoga retreat a lovely treat. As well as a good deal of Christmas carol singing and celebrating the birth of Jesus.

I wish you a peaceful Christmas time and all the best for the beginning of 2019.  

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