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Acupuncture and Autumn Leaves

Acupuncture and Autumn Leaves

Acupuncture and Autumn leaves!

Autumn is upon us and time for the garden tidy up and put to it to bed for winter.

In the last few weeks, I have had many patients through my doors who have been rather too enthusiastic with racking up the autumn leaves! Staggering in with back pain. Racking is twisting our whole body so please do be aware and careful as you do this job.

Stand back occasionally and take in the beauty of autumn to rest your back, remember your posture or use a blower! It is important to know our limits and care for ourselves, many times my patients who are not doing much physical work day to day then overdo the garden at certain times of the year, spring being the most common when not done any gardening all winter.

So this winter take care of yourself and when not gardening so much, remember to take some other exercise. Getting outdoors in the winter is important to get sunshine to help your general wellbeing, raise your Vitamin D levels (a little!), getting the sun into your eyes and soul.

Also regular traditional five element acupuncture at Southwell Acupuncture clinic with help you get through the British autumn and winter.

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