Acupuncture – Autumn – Metal – Lungs and Colon

Acupuncture – Autumn – Metal – Lungs and Colon

Acupuncture – Autumn – Metal – Lungs and Colon

Autumn within the traditional five element acupuncture system, is the time of the metal element – it is time to take care with your lungs and colon.

The lungs are of upmost importance, they are where we take our first and last breath and every minute in between. The lungs are the first line of defence – this makes it the most exposed to the outside world and weather changes. Cold and damp can attack the lungs through the nose, mouth and upper respiratory tract – this can be when people start to catch coughs, colds, and sore throats.

Though the Lung can be thought of as delicate it protects all the other organs below. The lungs can be described as the minister or mentor to the emperor – the heart. The heart and lungs work together in harmony. This very important role requires strength and pure Qi. The lungs have great power which must not be abused. The metal element connects with the idea of giving rules and boundries,  but with a sense of justice and fairness.

The Colon is functioning as a transmitter, where changes and transformations take place – on the levels of body mind and spirit. The colon has the capacity to discern and let go of what we do not need, physically , mentally and emotionally. If it is not functioning as it should, we cannot think and act clearly because we are filled with clutter and rubbish.

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Written with references from article in the Acu magazine by Cinzia Scorzon.

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