Teenagers off to University – Empty Nest

Teenagers off to University – Empty Nest

Teenagers off to University = Empty Nest

The time has come when many teenagers are off to university, this can be an emotional and exciting time for both the parents and teenagers.

As a parent, a feeling of loneliness or sadness can occur among some parents after children grow up and leave home. There can be the worries as your child finds their way and their anxieties about a new way of living and learning.

Or it can be a time when you find yourself again, and have the time and energy to do what you could not do before – expand your career take up a new hobby.

A time to find time for each other again in your marriage or it could be the realisation that your marriage is on the rocks.

For a parent you may get the feeling of hat empty nest – feelings of sadness and loss is normal when a child leaves the home. A parent may miss the companionship or daily contact they had with a child.

It takes time to adjust to your new role in your child’s life as well as changes in your identity as a parent. Your relationship with your child may become more peer-like, and while you may have to give your child more privacy, you can have more privacy for yourself as well.

Prepare for an empty nest while your children are still living with you. Develop friendships, hobbies, career, and educational opportunities. Make plans with the family while everyone is still under the same roof, such as family holidays, long talks, and taking time off from work to make special memories.

Autumn is approaching which is the time within the traditional five element acupuncture tradition of the Metal Element. The emotions associated with Metal and autumn are grief and letting go, a good time to help with your empty nest to find your way forward at this life juncture.

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