Acupuncture treating Chemotherapy Side Effects

Acupuncture treating Chemotherapy Side Effects

Acupuncture treating Chemotherapy Side Effects

Often when a patient undergoes chemotherapy there can be long-standing side effects after the treatment has finished that can disrupt life.

Traditional five element acupuncture can help bring your system back into balance and enhance the healing from these side effects.

My patient below has peripheral neuropathy (damage to the nerves)  in her hands, which caused her to have pain in her hands and fingers which was debilitating for her as well as the numbness in her fingers. Her pain is mostly gone and the numbness greatly improved.

The chemotherapy has affected her hormones too with the possibility of going into early menopause, her menopausal symptoms are going and her periods are returning.

She is also working with her diet removing toxic foods and removing toxins from her environment – which is keeping her and her family more healthy.

Having worked as an Enrolled Nurse for many years in a Cancer ward I know the problems that can occur with chemotherapy and the years I have worked with Traditional five element acupuncture gives me a deeper understanding of both types of medicine to help my patients.


I was suffering from peripheral neuropathy and early onset menopause following chemotherapy.

I had read that acupuncture could help both of these symptoms and Hannah had experience treating both.

Hannah really understood my symptoms and really took the time at each session to ask and listen to how I was getting on. I instantly felt at ease and that I was in safe hands.

After just two sessions of acupuncture, I started to feel great improvements and the pain and numbness I was feeling in my hands rapidly reduced. I also started to feel more energetic in myself and my hormones had a kickstart.

I would highly recommend acupuncture by Hannah to cancer patients or anyone needing help with their health. It certainly worked for me.

You have done so much for me and my health which I really appreciate.


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