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Back to School Stress and Anxiety

Back to School Stress and Anxiety

Back to School Stress and Anxiety  

The start of the new school year is exciting for most children. But it also prompts a spike in anxiety: even children who are usually pretty easy-going get butterflies and children prone to anxiety get clingier and more nervous than usual. Parents feel the pain, too: leaving a crying child at school isn’t anyone’s idea of fun, or having to talk a panicked child onto the bus or out of the car at school can be a real test of your diplomatic skills.

Children who normally have a little trouble separating from Mum and Dad or carer will see their anxiety peak during times of stress or transition. The start of school may be especially challenging for children who are entering a transition year, going to a new school. It can also be stressful if there’s a change in your child’s social support system may be a good friend has moved or has a different teacher this year.

For most children, the new school year worries will fade and the anxious behaviours will be transient. The goal for parents is to be supportive without exacerbating your child’s worries.

For parents, the start of the year can be anxiety-inducing, too. The pressure’s on you to reinstate routines after the summer break and arrange for new activities and schedules, not to speak of facing the resumption of homework.

Try not to pass on your stress to your children, by caring for yourself at these times.

Traditional five element acupuncture can help both parents and children cope with anxieties of school and transitions contact Hannah on;

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