Month: July 2018

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Acupuncture – Well being

Acupuncture – Well being Traditional five element acupuncture is a natural way to help restore your body, mind and spirit to its purest state of health and wellbeing. If you are new to acupuncture, you

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Botox – a toxin

Botox do you really want to inject this into your body even in small doses? The main ingredient for Botox is botulinum toxin, which is a neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. Botulinum toxin is

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Food Grown Supplements – Wild Nutrition

Food Grown Supplements – Wild Nutrition I encourage my patients to use Wild Nutrition supplements because they are:- Unique Wild Nutrition is the UK’s original maker of FOOD-GROWN® supplements convinced that the approach to supplementation

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