Acupuncture -; Summer and Fire Qi

Acupuncture -; Summer and Fire Qi

Summer and Fire Qi

Summer is a vibrant time of year. The energy (Qi) is Fire, the time of activity, warmth, movement, growth, and relationship.  Nature itself is moving, the plants are growing, animals are getting ready to produce young and things are busy.

In society this is when we are outside, gathering in groups, enjoying each other’s company at parties.  Humans and plants flourish with the warmth of the sun.  There is an uplifted, joyful feeling and a sense of safety.

When there is no warmth – no Fire energy – the world is a gloomy and chilly place.

Fire is our ability to have a relationship, to feel safe, to feel in control, to be intimate, to love and be loved, to have fun, to laugh and be excited.

Fire is the energy of the Heart Meridian – the emperor of the body’s kingdom.  If the Heart is unstable there is a feeling of anxiety and panic – the kingdom is out of control.

Fire is also the energy of the Heart Protector or Pericardium Meridian.  This is our ability to have a connection to people, the energy that stands in front of our heart and shields us from hurt like a warrior would protect a monarch.

The Small Intestine Meridian is known as the “sorter of pure from impure”.  It is the energy that helps us discern what is needed and what is rubbish in a mental, emotional and physical sense.

The Three Heater Meridian looks after the three burning spaces – the top, middle, and bottom of our body’s trunk area.  It is our internal thermostat that looks after our emotional and physical temperature.

Come a improve your of the summer Fire and  have acupuncture to stay healthy with the seasons contact :-

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