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Summer Light – Fire Element

Summer Light – Fire Element

Summer Light – Fire Element

We enter summer on 21st of June with the summer solstice when the sun is at its north. I do hope this is a lovely evening as I am at Wollaton Park with Bahia Yoga, a wonderful way to salute the light. At the solstice, we have the longest day of the year. The sun is most YANG giving this energy, causing action, outward movement creating a hot dry climate. Time to make the most of all the light and enjoy the extended days of the summer. A great time to stock up on our solar energy, maturing and growing with the summer season.

We must try to learn to flow with nature through the seasons. Tension happens when we resist this flow and illness can occur if we oppose these transitions.

The Fire element is related to summer in the traditional five element theory, fire being the most yang element the most outward, active and  ‘masculine’ energy. Fire is sun energy, warmth, vitality, motion, creativity, intuition, and love. Fire people thrive on activity, on new ideas ventures and change. Even if Fire is not your causative element you can still take advantage of the summer fire energy has to offer.  Embrace the light sun and vigor of this season.

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