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Acupuncture – The Medicine of Prevention

Acupuncture – The Medicine of Prevention

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture – The Medicine of Prevention

Traditional Five Element Acupuncture sees you as a garden; something that needs to be tended and nurtured. You must water a garden, pull weeds and be mindful of pests for your garden to thrive. You must look at your garden every day so that you can detect subtle changes and make adjustments so that your garden will flourish.

In the West, the health is seen more as a machine. Parts break and must be fixed or replaced. Segmenting you into parts instead of working the whole system together. We tend to wait until something breaks before we seek out help.

This is one of the fundamental differences between the Eastern and Western models. In the West, we tend to wait until we are diagnosed with a disease before we seek out treatment, and in the Eastern model, we are learning to take care of ourselves on every level so that we can stay healthy so sickness never develops. Chinese medicine is a medicine of prevention.

When you come for traditional five element acupuncture it is not just for a headache, or when your allergies flare up – it is about a better way of living. When learning acupuncture we are all taught the acupuncture points and their functions, but this is only a fraction of the overall picture. We are mostly looking at the entire body, mind and spirit, your relationship and response to our environment and life situation. Also looking at the body, mind and spirit in its various parts in relation to each other, as everything is interconnected.

In the garden, if you tend it every day you see which plants are happy and which ones are struggling. You can see which ones need feeding and which ones are getting too much sun. It is the same with your whole being. This kind of tuning is possible, and vital to being as healthy and balanced as we would all like to be.

When having traditional five element acupuncture is not to hand over your health to someone else, it is to participate and empower yourself to achieve the healing, health, and happiness.

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