Acupuncture and Postnatal Depression in Fathers

Acupuncture and Postnatal Depression in Fathers

Postnatal Depression in Fathers

Postnatal depression or paternal depression is a form of depression that can affect Dad’s as well as Mum’s in the first year of their baby’s life. It can happen gradually or all of a sudden, and can range from being relatively mild to very hard hitting.

Research from the NCT found that more than 1 in 3 new fathers (38%) are concerned about their mental health. In general, studies have shown that one in 10 dads have PND and fathers also appear to be more likely to suffer from depression three to six months after their baby is born.

What can cause postnatal depression in fathers?

When a child is born it is whole new experience that each person deals with differently, nothing prepares you for becoming a father, and often men can find it difficult as they do not always bond as quickly as the mother. Depression can be triggered by emotional and stressful events and having a baby can be a destabilizing and challenging experience. The increased pressures of fatherhood, more financial responsibility, changes in relationships and lifestyle, combined with a lack of sleep and an increased workload at home, may all affect a new dad’s mental wellbeing. Concern about their partner is another worry for new fathers. Also if Mum is struggling with depression and anxiety causing increased pressure.

Bringing a new human being into this world can be the most wonderful and fulfilling experience. As a traditional five element acupuncturist; I help people men and women find this reality through all the stresses and worries it can cause.

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