Acupuncture and Mothers’ Health

Acupuncture and Mothers’ Health

Acupuncture and Mothers Health – post natal and beyond

When you are pregnant, you see midwives doctors have antenatal classes, then you give birth you get a few visits from a health visitor and you are left to get on with it for the next 20 or so years!

Becoming a Mother for the first time is daunting for even the strongest of us, and then on to further children can be challenging. Too many of us in society keep saying we are ok when we are not. But who do you go to gather your strength and confidence?

Families are often scattered or dysfunctional, and friends may not be able to help as they are struggling themselves or just not interested.

When I treat my patients with traditional five element acupuncture during pregnancy I explain that it is important to have treatment in the post natal period as the loss of blood during labour effects your physical and emotional health which acupuncture can help replenish and then continue to keep up your energy (Qi) in body mind and spirit though out their parenting life – it really is worth doing.

This is ongoing from the first moments of mothering all through life just this morning I was discussing with a patient about her 50 year old son and his problems- we never stop being parents.

I also have a patient who had post natal depression with both pregnancies 28 and 30 years ago which was never treated with any compassion just drugs – her life has been ruled by this; depression most likely a causative factor in her divorce, her a isolation and never regaining her conference. I feel very saddened when I see such situations because if she had received better treatment she could be much a better place now- not taking so much medication and trying to get through life instead of living it.

I treat with traditional five element acupuncture to support my patients through life; when you have ongoing treatment it becomes what is traditionally meant to be a preventative medicine. It helps you get through difficult times in your life and enables you to see the joyful times. If I feel that at any time my patient needs help more than I am giving, I will recommend them to see their GP or another health professional often working in conjunction with traditional five element acupuncture.

If you look after yourself you are then able to care for others, love and enjoy life though its ups and downs.

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