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Mental Health Awareness Week – Caring for the Carers

Mental Health Awareness Week – Caring for the Carers

Mental Health Awareness Week – Caring for the Carers

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week (14-20 May), focusing on stress which is a key factor in people developing mental health problems.

Stress can be ongoing and the situation that is causing the stress is not going to go away ever for a while.

When treating many of my patients with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture they have situation that are not going to get better often it will get worse. I treat many patients who are carers; presently I have a patient in her 60’s, whose husband has dementia, she needs ongoing support and strength to care for him and reassurance that she is doing ok. She also cares for her 94 step-mother and having challenges with her son who has mental health problems.  So often in life there is numerous things that cause stress and a person can become overwhelmed.

I also know that these situations will come to an end; and I feel it is important to support patients though their bereavement, my treatment with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture, and support can help them though these difficult times.

This lady has physical symptoms of her stress in that she gets labyrinthitis – though western medicine does not make the connection; in my experience it is very common to see stress and labyrinthitis. So when she is getting overwhelmed her she comes in with her head spinning. I help with al her problems body, mind and spirit to help her get through each day.

This is one of many situations that I work with, patients are a variety of ages and situations.

I love treating with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture because we work with the whole person body, mind and spirit, everything is interrelated and yes, you can talk about more than one condition; because it is relevant and so are you. I also feel it is important to acknowledge what my patient is going through and support them in this.

I am also a Dementia Friend which helps me support people with dementia link ;-

Get support with your stress with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture contact me ;-


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