- #cleanerbeauty Skin Food – Skin Super Hero

#cleanerbeauty Skin Food – Skin Super Hero

Skin Food – Skin Super Hero

Skin food was created in 1926 without doubt the most useful, versatile and intensively hydrating natural skincare product you could wish for.

Weleda is probably best known for its hero product: Skin Food 100% natural.

Skin Food is packed with nourishing ingredients and is a real skin saviour.

Personally Skin Food is one of my favourite products it is my desert island cream!  I use Skin food from top to toe, deep moisturising for face – it got rid of my eczema on my face and my face looks refreshed and younger. My dry skin on feet- my feet are brand new since using skin food they love it! My hands and my husbands were both cracked and sore skin food has stopped the pain – now soft cared for hands. Skin food is good for your corners elbows and knees! It really is a Super Hero product so old and so natural!

I do mix skin food and coconut oil apparently I keep good company with this as Victoria Beckam also does! Many models use skin food to protect and replenish their skin.

A tube of skin food is sold every 30 seconds.

Skin Food contains

Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract – can improve circulation

Organic Pansy Extract – healing for rough and cracked skin

Organic Calendula – good for dry inflamed and stressed skin

Organic Chamomile Extracts – gentle and soothing


#cleanerbeauty #weledauk In a bid to clean up ‘natural’ beauty’s dirty secret to help shoppers being baffled by the fake natural products.

Products carrying the NATURE logs meet these requirements.

Weleda meet these guidelines- the original natural skin and healthcare company.

This is why I am involved with Weleda as Weleda Wellbeing Advisor; as not only are the products excellent but environmentally sustaining at all parts of the process from seed to use.

For Weleda products please go to my web shop-;


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