- #cleanerbeauty – Facial Care

#cleanerbeauty – Facial Care

#cleanerbeauty – Facial Care

#cleanerbeauty #weledauk are encouraging all to; switch to cleaner beauty choices replace the toxic products that ruin your skin with ones that feed your skin this is a way to do so…

Weleda looks after our skin with a wonderful selection of facial creams; each having their ‘lead plant’ super-nutritional regimes for your skin.

Each lead plant supports the skin through a different phase of your skins life.

My personal favourite is Pomegranate – the precious pomegranate seed oil has antioxidant and regenerative properties. In other words helps middle age skin revitalise to be tightened and smoothed in a natural way.

I love the serum the light gel acts quickly to boost skin’s moisture, while vitamin-rich pomegranate juice firms the skin.

The day cream is smoothing and calming to my skin – pomegranate as a symbol of life-force, vitality and longevity, which I like the sound of!

When it come to eye cream the Wild Rose looks after my under eyes like no other the cream calms puffiness, softens first laugh lines and smoothes away.

Here is a guide for the lovely creams;

Iris: using active ingredients from the biodynamic iris root, this helps regulate and balance skin making it ideal for hormonal, young skin.

Wild Rose: precious rosa mosqueta seed oil active ingredients strengthens and supports the skin’s structure, helping it retain moisture and combat the first signs of fine lines.

Pomegranate: the antioxidant rich active ingredients of the pomegranate seed oil is used exclusively in our anti-ageing range for regenerating and supporting cell renewal.

Evening Primrose: active ingredients of the evening primrose stabilise and strengthen post menopausal skin helping it retain bloom and radiance.

#cleanerbeauty In a bid to clean up ‘natural’ beauty’s dirty secret to help shoppers being baffled by the fake natural products.

Products carrying the NATURE logs meet these requirements.

Weleda meet these guidelines- the original natural skin and healthcare company.

This is why I am involved with Weleda as Weleda Wellbeing Advisor; as not only are the products excellent but environmentally sustaining at all parts of the process from seed to use.

For Weleda products please go to my web shop;-https://www.weleda-advisor.co.uk/shop/hannahcharles/


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