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Acupuncture for Hay Fever

Acupuncture for Hay Fever

Acupuncture for Hay Fever

Traditional five element acupuncture has a number of strategies for dealing with the various presentations of hay fever, looking at the overall health of the patient potential underlying factors, systemic weaknesses, environmental factors, food sensitivities and life stressors which predispose someone to the problem. This means that the treatment is aimed at the person, not the symptoms.

Though the pollens are not yet out it is a good time to start traditional five element acupuncture, it is better to commence treatment before hay fever season starts to act on the underlying factors that can cause the allergy’s to worsen. It is not about suppressing it is about clearing.

If you are in the midst of allergy/hayfever attack traditional five element acupuncture can still help relieve symptoms and build your immunity to reduce further problems.

As I have said above hay fever can be for many reasons as well as the environmental factors. It is really worth looking at your food sensitivities, for example dairy products can have a large affect on allergies. Dairy foods are difficult to digest and make your whole system sluggish and reduce your immune response.

When you come for traditional five element acupuncture the history taken looks at all aspects of lifestyle, diet, environmental factors, stressors and emotional responses. All of which have an effect on your health.

So treat your hay fever before it happens contact;

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