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Acupuncture and Men’s Health

Acupuncture and Men’s Health

Acupuncture and Men’s Health

This week is Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week. This important annual campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness of male specific cancers – prostate, testicular and penile cancer.

It is good to have a week to help men be aware of their own health. In my practice only 15% of my patients are men. This says to me that you men out there are not taking responsibility for your health and wellbeing.

Traditional five element acupuncture is an ancient medicine for the modern man.

What can acupuncture help men? Well in my practice I have treated many men over the years with back pain, back pain, insomnia, stress, migraines, tension headaches, TMJ, skin conditions, asthma, sports injuries, kidney problems, digestive problems, infertility….

Talking about infertility it is important that the men have treatment to in many situations. For their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Though I have named conditions above the principle behind traditional five element acupuncture is that we treat the person not the disease. We look at each person as whole assessing your health and wellbeing on levels of body, mind and spirit. Humans are interconnected beings that need a little extra help every now and then. No weakness in asking for help, to get through difficult situations.

So get in touch and find better health

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