Doing Nothing – Relax

Doing Nothing – Relax

Doing Nothing – Relax!

How often do you just do literally nothing?

In our busy lives many of us fill every minute ; work, family, housework, shopping, hobbies to name a few. Very often at the end of a busy day then flop in front of the TV; which I am sorry to say is not relaxing it is still stimulating and can often disrupt your sleep. Nothing wrong with some TV just try to have some quite time too.

Many of my patients when I ask them what they do to relax their answer is; ‘come here to have acupuncture!’

Much as that is good it is important we must try to give to ourselves a small part of our day just to be still and switch off. You can do this by even just for 5-10 minutes meditating, relaxing in the garden, listening to some music, sip some green tea, close your eyes, brush your hair, look out of the window, even stop the can for a few minutes before you pick the kids up and breathe. Be kind to yourself.

Writing your thoughts or drawing, painting or colouring are wonderful ways to switch off.

When I have had a busy week I try to set myself some time on my days off to spend some extended time in relaxation; for example today I coloured in a picture in my Weleda  Colour yourself to Tranquillity book. (see picture)

Each day I take time out to meditate; switching off your mind for a while can be so healing.

I know it is difficult to fit in but even if you just go and sit on the loo and breathe for five minutes it will help! It is a start.

Traditional five element acupuncture can be a start to find your way to relax and be kind to yourself; contact me and we can talk about how I can help ;

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