Acupuncture and Transitions

Acupuncture and Transitions


We are at a transition with the season from winter to spring which made me aware of transitions we go though in life and how we can try to embrace them rather than fight them.

In my practice I treat many patients going through transitions in their life. One I have worked with many times is the transition going into retirement. Many people look forward to retirement but can find it a shock that they become anxious and depressed. This can be for many reasons; due to loss of status and function in society, loss of routine, loss of interaction with people, lack of intellectual stimulation and loneliness.  It may surprise many people that they feel like this.

There can be some transition that from the outside seem a very positive transition, for example getting married or moving intogeather can bring its challenges, learning to live with another person in such close proximity , and the different emotions involved with this.

One of the largest transients in most people’s life is when a child comes into your life, either by birth or adoption. There is great excitement and joy – though there can be exhaustion and great responsibility, from the newborn though to the whole of childrearing until the time they leave and beyond.

Bereavement can be a massive transition to bare whether is, a spouse or anyone close to you; this can be devastating and isolating – being one of the biggest challenges in life.

I love within my traditional five element acupuncture practice to help my patients though these transitions –  acupuncture can help a person work through and with; shock and denial ; pain and guilt; anger; desperation, reflection and loneliness. To find a way through to acceptance and hope.  Yes acupuncture can help you through working with body mind and spirit.

Some examples of life transitions include starting or ending a relationship, getting married, getting divorced, marital reconciliation, having or adopting a child, miscarriage, starting a new job, attending school, leaving home, your child leaving home (empty nest) experiencing significant financial gain or loss, loss of work, personal injury or illness, moving home, buying or selling a home, retirement, loss or death.

To help yourself through these times,traditinal five element acupuncture can help; please do get in touch

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