Acupuncture and Spring

Acupuncture and Spring

Spring !

Spring Equinox has past and we move forward to the time to wake up to natures birthing. A seasonal time of transition from the quite of Winter to the wakefulness  of Spring!

Spring is a good time to take a look at your life and make a new plan. What do you want to clear from the past in your environment and yourself? What do you wish to see happen this year? This can be a new start. Take a little time to write a new health / life plan, including goals for how you wish to feel, how you can go about this, what actions you need to take to see these happen? Allow your dreams to blossom.

Spring is the greening of nature, a time for planting. A time for new growth in our lives, relationships, and work – not necessarily leaving these, it can be reviewing and improving on what you have. These changes can small or large – it is about what YOU need.

We and nature flourish in the spring we must allow these to happen.

Start with having traditional five element acupuncture which works with the seasons – the element related to Spring is Wood – watch this space for more…

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