Acupuncture and Parenting

Acupuncture and Parenting

Acupuncture and Parenting

Parenting is a time that we often forget ourselves, but if a parent does not look after themselves how can they care for their children or each other. To use the example of the emergency procedures on an aeroplane, they tell you to put on the oxygen mask on yourself first before your child or others, because you are no use to anyone else if you are unconscious!

Regular traditional five element acupuncture treatment through the years of parenting can help maintain a parent’s equilibrium though the challenges and stresses of parenting. Everyone needs support and care and as a parent you deserve it – yes really you do.

There can be the isolation and fear with a new born baby as well as the joy and intense love.

The challenge of toddler’s tantrums, as well as the wonder of watching them develope their personality.

As children go off to school there can be the juggling of work and children and family life, seeing your child find their way in society.

Before you know it you have a teenager and the challenges of adolescence, hormones, exams and peer pressure, as well as observing your child blossom into adulthood.

The next stage can take many turns maybe off to college or staying at home working or apprenticeship, finding their way in the world without you and forming relationships that shape their lives.

Parenting takes many forms you may be in a partnership or a single parent, have family around or isolated with little support, whichever way you are parenting you need to self care too.

That appears to be a world wind description of parenting, but it makes you realise that you need to care for yourself to be able to guide them through these stages.

So take care of yourself in body, mind and spirit and give yourself some care with traditional five element acupuncture. I am here to help, I get it!

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