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Acupuncture and Miscarriage

Acupuncture and Miscarriage

Acupuncture and Miscarriage

This week someone close to my heart found that their baby has died inside them.

Often miscarriages and undervalued but it is devastating for parents to find that the life they had formed has gone.

The first emotion is so often shock and a feeling of failure.

Traditional five element acupuncture treats emotions, parent’s spirit is cracked when they are told this news.

I do love to be there to support my patients through these difficult times. Western medicine however kind they are have very little to offer a couple or single person when miscarriage happens. Traditional five element acupuncture is able to treat the patient on the all levels of body, mind and spirit which is needed to help them get through this as this difficult time.

To move forward traditional five element acupuncture looks at the many aspects that can affect way a pregnancy cannot progress, each patient has different reasons why this is happening.  I have helped many patients through these difficult times, through to the joyous journey to parenthood.

Please do not let western medicine say there is nothing to be done but try again, treating the body mind and spirit is so important as a baby is conceived and held in love by all these parts.

For more information see pregnancy page

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