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Where do my patients travel from?

Where do my patients travel from?

Where do my patients travel from? I pass this sign every day near my work, and it made me think about how my patients are spread across Nottinghamshire and further afield. Of course I have my patients from Southwell and surrounding villages :- Farnsfield, Halam, Normanton, Caunton , Maythorne, Brinkley, Rolleston, Hockerton, Kirklington, Thurgarton, Rolleston, Bleasby, Fiskerton, Upton, Oxton, Eaking. In and around Newark and towards Lincoln:- Coddington , Fardon, Balderton, Southt Muskam, Eat Stoke , Kelham, Collingham, Claypole, Norton Disney, Swinderby, In and around Nottingham and surrounding villages:- Woodthorpe, Lowdam, Burton Joyce, Carlton, Arnold, Bestwood, Calverton, Woodbough, Gedling, Bingham. In and Around Grantham and surrounding villages:- Whatton, Redmile, Bottesford, Orston, Barkestone, Knipton, Foston. In and around Mansfield and surrounding villages :- Ewinstowe, Kirkton, Ravenshead. Tuxford and Retford and surrounding villages :-  Egmanton. Into Derbyshire :- Cromford. My patients come for many reasons and have different ways of finding me, recommendation from my patients , from passing my very large sign at the Southwell BP Fuel Filling Station and  M&S site at the back of my practice and of course the web and social media. However you get to me I will be glad to see you and treat you to better health.

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