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Boost your Autumn Energy (Qi)

Boost your Autumn Energy (Qi)


Autumn is the time to turn your attention to building and strengthening your immune system.
Within the Traditional Five Element Acupuncture system it is time to take care of your lungs and colon, the metal element.
The lungs are the first line of defence, so always wrap up in the cooler weather, keeping your chest covered.
The Colon is part of physically and mentally letting go so keeping good colon health by eating plenty of vegetables – keeps you moving on.
Look after yourself in the season transitional time by having some acupuncture to give your Metal Qi a boost.
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Tips for Autumn time
1 .Breathe deeply Every day take 10 deep breaths right down into your tummy using all your lungs.
2. Walk in nature take in the beautiful autumnal colour and fresh air.
3. Look after your gut health, make sure your bowels are in good working order and you ‘go’ each day.
4. Drink plenty of water and herbal tea’s, reduce caffeine and sugary drinks.
5. Get ready for winter keep yourself and your home in working order preparing for the cold mounths ahead.
6 . Get some traditional Five Element Acupuncture!

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