World Menopause Day 2020

As COVID-19 continues to have impact in our lives, other parts of life have not stopped. Menopause continues to affect many women and may be made worse by the stress the continuing worries of the impact on work, finances, family and relationships. Perimenopause and Menopause can be an overwhelming change in a woman’s life, the […]

Late Summer – Support Your Spleen

Earth Element by Jennifer Raye I am sharing with you a lovely piece by a fellow Acupuncturist and Yoga teacher, as she describes Late Summer so well Late Summer Did you know that late summer is a distinct season in Taoist and Traditional Chinese medicine? Many climates have this fifth relatively short season. For those […]

Mindfulness Meditation To Ease Pain  

I feel the need to share with you this written by What Doctors Don’t Tell You – WDDTY – sound advice – Mindfullness Meditation is a powerful mode of healing. Helping to Calm the nervous system to help Pain. ‘Meditation Reduces the Feeling of Pain’ WDDTY Mindfulness Meditation can help ease your Pain ”The technique […]

Menopause Naturally

Menopause Naturally with Acupuncture

Menopause is a major time of transition in a woman’s life, Traditional Five Element Acupuncture can treat and support you in understanding the physical and emotional symptoms you are feeling

Summer Solstice – Seasonal Acupuncture

Yin, Yang, Qi and Elements June 21st is Summer Solstice, mid Summers Night. As seasonal energies go, this is really the pinnacle of Summer Energy (Qi) Yang. Yang – Light, Masculine, Expansive, Space, Outward, Active  Qi. As Yin is Dark, Feminine, Contracting, Earth, Inward, Still Qi. The Element of the Five Elements that is associated with […]