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Acupuncture Testimonials

Acupuncture Testimonials from Patients Treated by Hannah Charles Lic Ac MBAcC

Trigeminal Neuralgia

I visited Hannah following a recommendation from a hospital specialist in pain management.

The onset of Trigeminal Neuralgia (An extremely painful and debilitating condition, which causes attacks of electric shock type facial pain) had knocked me for six and I was struggling to cope with the bouts of intense pain and the debilitating side effects of the strong drugs used to treat my condition. Hannah was kind, warm and patient as she took a full account of my medical history and then talked me through a treatment plan.

Over the following months of acupuncture (which I was pleased to discover was a virtually pain free and at times extremely relaxing procedure) Hannah’s knowledge and expertise allowed me to not only wean off all the medication, but also allowed me to return to a pain free life. I had initially been rather sceptical about the validity of acupuncture but Hannah has proven to me that not only can it work, it also can do so without the awful side effects of some conventional medicines.

I will be forever grateful to Hannah for giving me my life back and will most definitely return to her for acupuncture treatments for any future health or pain issues. Thank you Hannah for being a shining light during a very dark time.
Earth Element
Acupuncture with Hannah Charles


Hannah helped me through a particularly bad time in my life when I was suffering from excruciating sciatica.
From the moment I met Hannah, she was extremely welcoming and caring, putting together a holistic plan that got me feeling better again. I felt the effects of the acupuncture from the first session and found that the treatment not only helped with the pain, but also made me feel more centred in other areas of my life.
Fire Element
Acupuncture with Hannah Charles

Sciatica and Back Pain

By Steve age 40.

Over the last 2 to 3 years I’ve suffered from bouts of sciatica. Mainly caused by lifting and long periods of driving, but I’ve always managed to self treat with exercise and pain relief. This all changed whilst carrying a large item, as I twisted, my back went into spasm and I collapsed to the floor with pain that I’ve never experienced before, unbearable shooting pains in my lower back that left me requiring an ambulance and overnight stay in hospital on morphine.

As the ‘cure’ for sciatica is painkillers and movement, I was prescribed a caseload of drugs and sent on my way. Although able to move, lying and sitting down was only manageable for a 30 minutes max. The painkillers were having little effect and I didn’t like the idea of taking 17 tablets a day. My parents had been seeing Hannah for acupuncture for a number of years for a number reasons but one being sciatica. They always raved about the success they have had with it, on the back of this they booked me in straight away.

So 48 hours later from being in an ambulance I walked into Hannah’s treatment room. A very relaxing environment with an aroma of essential oils. The treatment lasted 45 mins with an introduction meeting at the start in which Hannah went through my condition to understand my pain level and areas that were causing the most discomfort. The area of focus was of course on my lower back and my sciatic nerve running down my legs. The acupuncture needles were placed into the areas effected painlessly.

It’s a nice sensation to feel the muscles release tension as the needles are positioned. There was no miracle cure and I wasn’t expecting one after 1 treatment, I had another session the next day and then the following day as well. Each time my back felt a little better and more supple. Another session a few days later meant I was able to reduce my painkiller dosage to virtually nothing.

Each session Hannah went through how I was coping and feeling with the pain and discomfort, understanding my needs and tailoring my treatment to suit. After several more sessions over the next 3 weeks I was back to 90%, This coupled with exercise to work unison with acupuncture meant I was confident in my back again and felt able to get to normal work and life. I felt the acupuncture helped reduce my pain and heal my damaged lower back quicker than relying on prescribed medicine

Hannah was a true professional from start to finish and I felt confident in her knowledge and skills.
Metal Element
Acupuncture with Hannah Charles

Peripheral Neuropathy

I was suffering with peripheral neuropathy and early onset menopause following chemotherapy. I had read that acupuncture could help both of these symptoms and Hannah had experience treating both. Hannah really understood my symptoms and really took the time at each session to ask and listen to how I was getting on. I instantly felt at ease and that I was in safe hands.

After just two sessions of acupuncture I started to feel great improvements and the pain and numbness I was feeling in my hands rapidly reduced. I also stated to feel more energetic in myself and my hormones had a kick start. I would highly recommend acupuncture by Hannah to cancer patients or anyone needing help with their health. It certainly worked for me.
Earth Element
Acupuncture with Hannah Charles

Depression and Anxiety

On her was back to Jersey, my mum sat next to someone on a plane who was an Acupuncturist. As the conversation flowed, they began to talk about the benefits of acupuncture for mental health. Being a mother, my mum asked if it could help with my depression and anxiety, to which the response was, ‘yes, of course!’

After a bit of googling mum and I stumbled across Hannah’s website and I have not looked back since! Struggling to find anything that worked, I contacted Hannah to arrange a consultation. Being sceptical at first, I drove to our first meeting, and after getting lost and chatting for ages, Hannah began the treatment. Worried that the needles would be gigantic, my nerves made my heart rate soar! Two pin pricks later, I felt a new woman! Not only has Hannah helped with my depression and anxiety (I have a much more positive outlook on life now) but she’s also addressed tummy issues and hay fever. There is nothing she cannot treat. After every appointment, I feel one million times better. I look forward to every time I am booked in. Not only is Hannah amazing with treatments, but I now consider her a friend.

I hope that our friendship will continue for as long as she’ll put up with me as, in my opinion, acupuncture is the way forward and everyone should receive treatment!!!
Fire Element
Acupuncture with Hannah Charles

Wellbeing and Sports Injury

Acupuncture with Hannah has helped to balance most things in my body and life, helping me continue training hard with runners knee and preventing more injuries. Everyone needs a Hannah in their life.
Earth Element
Acupuncture with Hannah Charles

Underlying Condition

Following a series of medical tests and treatment for a condition I had struggled with for a few months, I was recommended to contact Hannah to help relieve some stubborn symptoms that were really getting me down.

We commenced with my treatment following a thorough appraisal of my general health and background.

My course of acupuncture was to be on a weekly basis as Hannah mapped out a plan to clear certain nerve channels and pathways in order to reduce my symptoms and improve my general well-being.

Gradually I felt definite improvements as the weekly acupuncture progressed. I can now say after 6 months of treatment my original symptoms have become a non-issue. Hannah's approach is very measured taking into account changes from week to week. Her professional but kind and reassuring manner makes the acupuncture very relaxing with no discomfort. I cannot thank Hannah enough for her expertise and care over the last 6 months.

Acupuncture is still a mystery to me, but believe me it works !!!!
Fire Element
Acupuncture with Hannah Charles


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